Modern Man and God
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Has Modern Man Forgot God?

As a Christian this is a very easy question to break down and answer. Has Modern Man Forgot God? As a person can stand back and look around from the industrial revolution through the Civil War here in the United States to World War II and how Hitler changed the world. Along with everything else going on in the world and with the go, go, go today in our society does anyone have time for God?

The Industrial Revolution was an explosive event that brought many jobs and many different products. As this happened more people were in the work force and were working many hours. Some of the workers were even children in the 1800's. As a Christian I know what the Word of God says about the children, Jesus says to not forsake them and if you do it is better for a stone to be tied around your neck and thrown into the deepest ocean. So we see that then they were forgetting about God. Many Children work today in the "poorer" countries to help support their family, and this is causing them not to have a chance to get out of poverty by not having the chance to have an education.

The Civil War was a terrible event here in the United States in the 1860's over whether or not it is right to own another human being. We can back this up in God's Word that all men are created equal. This war was the North vs. the South, and also families against families, brothers against brothers. This war destroyed so much of the United States "United we stand divided we fall." We were very lucky in those days that another county did not try to create many friends and conquer the United States. This country was very venerable and we could have lost more than what we did loose during the years surrounding the War of the States. There was no moral ethics even white man against white man they destroyed and killed like it did not mean a thing.

Soon we had two major wars World War I and World War II. World War II is what was the most devastating event in human history. Germany, led by Hitler, was out to conquer the world. First he put to death the helpless the ones who could not take care of theirselves. Then soon he was out after other ethic groups and races. The most popular was the Jews, which Hitler was part Jew. The Bible clearly tells us that the Jews are God's chosen people. Power and prestige was what every leader wanted, and they did not worship the true God. Why is this so important to rule and be a leader? It all goes back to beginning of the Bible and mans hunger and thirst over power soon gave them the hunger for blood. Hitler wanted and tried to conquer many different countries during this era. But in the end good over came evil and that is what the Bible teaches over and over through perseverance.

Nobody has time anymore for God; the society we live in is a go, go, go. Everything has to be instant. This is starting to bleed into our Churches and love is starting to leave. It is Sunday lets go to church and be seen and if the service is not over by 12 (noon) we will get up and walk out, we just want them, other people, to see us at church at least once a month or so. Our services are shorter and lives that need a touch from God are not met because we are to busy worrying about getting out and not pressing in. The word "patience" does not have a meaning anymore, the family does not exists like God wants it to because of the pace of society and how divorce is thought as something very acceptable.

In contrast man has forgot about God, but by His grace he has not forgot about us "mankind." As we look to the past, we should learn from the past but actually in this area we are not learning but getting deeper in the thought of forgetting God. I thank God for His mercy and Grace and His love. Where would our society be with out his divine intervention when we do mess up bad? If God forgot about us we would not exist any more. Mankind has to look back and learn from the past and make a positive step forward.